17 Mar

     Castlegar Pistol Club hosted it's first Cowboy Action and Steel Challenge match of 2021 at the CPC range on Saturday, March 13th. It was a good turn out and a beautiful sunny day! Most of the members present were novices and  introduced to the roles of loading, unloading, and safety tables as well as score keeping and spotting. It was my first time being a range officer for a cowboy shoot and I enjoyed it thoroughly and learned a great deal thanks to the mentorship of Rick Miller who shared his expertise and years of experience with us all. 

     Be sure to check our events for upcoming matches: April 17th, May 8th, and June 5th. And check out our cowboy shoot pictures in the gallery!

     If you are interested in finding out more about cowboy shooting, I highly recommend you check out www.sassnet.comScroll down to handbooks and courses. All of the information that you will need regarding Cowboy, Wild Bunch, and Cowboy Mounted events are there, offered in a variety of languages, including range officer and director materials. Happy researching! 

     Hope to see you at our next event. You do not need to be experienced and our club will supply appropriate firearms for the events for a nominal fee if you do not own your own. Oh...and dressing up in western attire is optional...but so much fun...and you should pick your cowboy name now if you haven't already.

Keep your saddle oiled and your gun greased,

Wendy Atwell,  CPC Match Director

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