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Masks and hand sanitizer are mandatory. Ammo Fee is $5 or $30 if you are shooting club guns or someone else's (if you cannot afford it please let Amber know--it will remain private). Please let us know if you do not have a R-PAL/membership when you sign up. Please bring your hearing and eye protection if you have it. Footwear with closed toes are recommended. More details below.

  • Date: 17/04/2021 09:00 AM
  • Location Gun Range-Castlegar Pistol Club (outdoor) (Map)
  • More Info: Borrow Pit Rd, Central Kootenay J, BC



Castlegar Pistol Club Outdoor Range

Castlegar Pistol Club

Cowboy Shoot & Steel Challenge

Match details

Cowboy Shoot & Steel Challenge

DATE:  March 13th

TIME: 9 A.M. – 4 P.M.

PLACE: CPC Outdoor Range

FIREARM: Cowboy - Revolver / Lever / Shotgun

                      Steel Challenge – Any Pistol or revolver

AMMO: Cowboy - 85 rounds

                Steel Challenge – 50 rounds


COST: $5 per shooter ( $30 if your using club firearms & Ammo)

We would prefer that the pistol to be in a holster when not in use.
Any holster will do – we will not be drawing from the holster.
If you do not have a holster, come to shoot anyway and we will work it out at the range. 

To sign up for match please contact

Amber Berukoff

CPC President

P: 778-460-0719

C: 250-921-5834

COVID19 CPC Match Guidelines

DO NOT COME TO THE MATCH if you have any medical problems such as:

fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell or a bad bout of diarrhea.

DO NOT COME TO THE MATCH if you have recently travelled outside of the West Kootenay Region.

DON’T come to the match if you have a medical condition that states that you do NOT have to wear a mask. The match is not essential to your health and well-being.

No spectators are allowed. Only shooters can attend and be at the match.

Shooters waiting in line to shoot must stay 6 feet apart going in through the far entrance and going out near the entrance close to the clubhouse.

Masks are not required when shooting. Masks are not required in the parking lot. Masks are required in the shooting bays and inside the fenced in area next to the shooting bays.

We will have an open fire in our burn bin for warming up.

BRING LUNCH. You must eat outside. Bring your Plate & KFS.

Once again, NO SPECTATORS. If you are shooting at the match, then come. If you are not shooting, then do NOT come to the match.

Please do not turn the Match into a political statement and refuse to wear a mask. CPC cannot run the match without the consent of all to wear a mask when not shooting. No one will force you to wear a mask, however the match will have to be cancelled if you will not wear a mask or if remain in the area and do mask up.